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Preventative care

Dr. Dunbar prides herself on being an advocate for prevention. Because oral health is a barometer by which the body's overall health is measured, preventative care is imperative.

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Complete Oral Evaluations

Complete oral evaluations are performed by the doctor every time you see your hygienist. They include a comprehensive visual exam of your teeth and surrounding tissue. Oral cancer and TMJ screenings are completed during this exam.

Professional Prophylaxis (Cleaning)

Brushing and flossing only remove up to 70% of bacteria in the mouth. The rest of the bacteria and the biofilm must be removed by a licensed professional. It is recommended that you see your hygienist every six months unless Dr. Dunbar recommends more frequent visits.

Radiographs (X-rays)

Radiographs are necessary because they show small areas of decay between the teeth, infections in the bone, abscesses or cysts, developmental abnormalities and some types of tumors. Finding and treating oral health problems at an early stage can save time, money and unnecessary discomfort.

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